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あらびきの 山鳥の尾の ハンバーグ 寝ないで捏ねる 既読無視のヒト ※既読無視という単語はいつまで残る単語なのか不安なので、使うのをやめよう あらびきの 山鳥の尾の ひき肉をこねながら待つ 返信無い君 ※ひき肉こねるってなんだ…? あらびきの 山鳥の尾の…



blog 6: greens living with me (2)

I have grown up greens for many years. However this is the first year I try a watercress. It requires a lot of water so I made the special surrounding for it; I used not the usual pot,which is deep and round. I used the original pot, which…