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blog 7:greens living with me (3)

The first weeks for watercress was fine. Not all but some of them grew higher even though they had only stems and short roots.
However, the issue came from outside; insects came and left their caterpillars. Even though the greens grew fast, To the blues eat much faster. As I was planning to each the watercress, I didn't want to use the chemical drugs to kill caterpillars. So whenever I saw a caterpillar , I picked one by one and threw it out. However the pace the new caterpillar came was faster than I could find them. It was surprising that I couldn't find any caterpillar on the Shiso beside the watercress, On which I had found a lot of caterpillars before I I started to grow the seems that watercress is very very delicious not only for human but also for insects.